5 Reasons why Your Edges Are Thinning & How to Fix It

thinning hair edges

A lot of women have issues with their edges thinning. Sometimes there are obvious reasons why your hair may be breaking or thinning around the hairline and sometimes, the culprit may not be so obvious. Here are 5 reasons why your hairline may be breaking and what you can do about it...

1. Pulling and over-manipulating your hair

One of the main reasons for noticeable breakage around the hairline is stress. The hairline is extremely delicate and the most fragile part of your hair. Constantly styling, pulling, tugging and playing in the hair can cause severe breakage over time. This bad habit is rightfully named, "Hand-in-Hair Syndrome".

Instead: Try opting for low manipulation styles such as wash and go's, roller sets or chunkier twist-outs.

2. Using drying holding gels 

Many styling gels contain alcohols that can potentially strip the hair of moisture. A lot of times, we want to use a product that will control your edges and give you a more 'polished' look. Styling gels should never be left in the hair for several days before washing it out. The longer it remains in the hair, the more dry your hair will become and the more dry your hair becomes, the more prone it is to breakage.

Instead: Try using a pomade or edge control product that doesn't contain drying alcohols such as Ampro Shine & Jam Silk Edges or Palmer's Olive Oil Super Control gel.

3. Wearing ponytails, braids and weaves that are too tight

Wearing ponytails and up-do hairstyles can cause the hair around your hairline to become thin from the constant stress. Especially if you're brushing the hair around your edges, applying gels or dying products and wearing your hair in a ponytail for hours on a consistent basis.

Instead: Go for hairstyles that don't require pulling the hair tightly such as twist-outs, braid-outs, or pin-up hairstyles. If you are having your hair professionally styled, speak up and tell your stylist if they are pulling too tightly. Your hair can still have that "put-together" look without putting so much stress on the hair.

4. Using the wrong type of hair bonnet

As you sleep your hair is steadily rubbing against whatever fabric it is coming in contact with. Wearing a hair bonnet to bed helps to protect your hair from rubbing against your pillow however, a lot of hair bonnets come with a rubber elastic band that can rub against your hairline or even snag the hair, causing breakage.

Instead: Purchase a hair bonnet that has a thick,smooth satin band instead of the snagging elastic. It may cost a few dollars more, but it's totally worth the investment in the health and overall appearance of your hair.

5. Using the wrong hair tools

There are lots of hair tools that can cause damage to your hair if not used correctly. Snagged bobby pins, broken hair accessories, hair combs with missing teeth, and so forth are never recommended for use in any type of hair texture. Heat styling tools  should also be kept to a minimum. You should never compromise or sacrifice the health of your hair for its appearance.

Instead: Throw out those hair flowers, combs and poorly designed detanglers that may be pulling out your hair. Try using products such as Goody Ouchless bands. Goody has a reputation of creating hair tools that are especially known for not snagging or pulling out your hair. Wear no-heat hairstyles such as roller-sets, braided hairstyles and twist-outs.

Are you dealing with thinning edges? What have you found to help grow back your hair?
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