A Conversation with Curlfriend Monique of 'Kinky Curly Coily Queens'

Meet our fellow Curlfriend, Monique Spence of the blog Kinky Curly Coily Queens. Monique has been natural for six years. She began her natural hair journey by transitioning for a year before finally getting rid of her relaxed ends. It's been six years since she made the cut and for her, there's no looking back.

6 Common Toxic Hair Product Ingredients that You Should Avoid Using at All Costs

Most of the hair and beauty products found on the shelves today are filled with dangerous, toxic chemicals that can be extremely harmful to your health. It seems like an oxymoron to be skeptical of the things we put in our bodies and not be concerned about what we are putting on our bodies. Just like there are toxic ingredients found in foods that are still approved by the dubious FDA, the same goes for our hair and beauty products.

A lot of these ingredients have been linked to various cancers, organ failure, coma, and other health woes. Just in case you aren't sure what ingredients you should look out for, here are 6 of the most commonly used chemicals found in hair and beauty products that you should avoid.

Why Using Coconut Oil in your Natural Hair Care Routine is a No-Brainer

Who loves coconut oil as much as me?!?! I use it to deep condition my hair, I rub it into my scalp, add it to my bath water, remove my makeup with it, use it as a hot oil treatment, to remove my makeup, and of course I use it for culinary purposes as well. It's an extremely versatile oil that has phenomenal benefits for the hair, skin and body. Don't you just love those all-natural oils that serve as a triple threat? In addition to smelling like sweet, tropical coconuts the oil works well for several reasons. It combats frizz, dandruff, dry, and itchy scalp. It also helps to prevent breakage and excessive hair shedding. Here are a few quick facts about coconut oil and its properties.

Relax, Breathe Easier & Get Clearer Skin with Mineral-Rich Salt Therapy Treatments

Salt Sanctuary Elkridge Maryland

I absolutely love shopping on Groupon. I can always find some of the best deals for local attractions, spas, eateries and events. Recently, I took advantage of a local deal for a visit to the Salt Sanctuary of Maryland. The Salt Sanctuary is pretty much a synthetic, Himalayan salt-infused cave that mimics the original underground salt mines of Eastern Europe. Although it sounds crazy, salt therapy, or Halotherapy has proven to be beneficial for various health and beauty problems. 

6 of the Best Detangling Tools for Naturals with Fine, Low-Density Hair

detangling, natural hair, tangle teezer, denman brush, shower comb

I was detangling my hair in the shower the other night when the handle snapped in my hand and the shaft of the comb went flying behind me. I'd been using the same shower detangling comb for almost three years. It's one of my favorite detangling combs and it's the best one that works for me when my hair is soaking wet without pulling or getting caught in my hair. I think I paid less than $5 for it.