Mushrooms for your Face? Chaga Mushroom Organic Facial Serum, a Hidden Natural Gem

A few months ago, I received a bottle of the Chaga Face Serum to try in my skincare routine.  My skin usually becomes dry in the winter and I'm always searching for the perfect moisturizer for my skin. 

8 Expert Black Hair Care Tips from Symbols Beauty Salon Senior Stylist Tamika Claridy

Tamika Claridy is a Senior Stylist and also the Manager of the luxurious Symbols Beauty Salon. Symbols Beauty Salon is a full service salon and day spa located in the urban and central business district of Downtown, Miami. The salon is fully equipped with some of the most innovative beauty technology and spoils its customers by providing massaging shampoo chairs and soothing light therapy to reduce stress and calm anxiety.

4 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Black Crown's Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo

Retail Price: $12 for 8 fluid ounces
The Black Crown line was created by a registered nurse who had been struggling with common hair issues such as breakage and slow hair growth. The nurse, Margaret committed to locking her hair and started doing tons of research, educating herself on how to care for her hair using all-natural and plant based ingredients.

Is it Time to Throw Out your Natural Hair Products?

Just like everything else that's man made on this planet, believe it or not your hair products also have an expiration date. Unfortunately, there isn't a "use by" date printed on the labels of many hair products so you'll have to use your senses and your sound judgement to decide when its time to toss your beloved stash of hair goodies.

7 Ways to Maintain your Natural Hair after a Hardcore Workout

PHOTO CREDIT: Black3Dahlia

Red Palm Oil for your Natural Hair Care

I was shopping at my local organic market this weekend when I came across a jar of Organic Red Palm oil. I vaguely remember seeing something about using red palm oil in your hair, so of course I wanted to try it as well.  I finally got my hands on a jar and was excited to find out how it would benefit my hair.