Got Breakage? It May Be Time to Add Protein to your Natural Hair Care Regimen

Do I need to add protein to my natural hair routine?

Knowing whether your hair needs protein is a matter of asking whether your hair is breaking because it's dry and lacks moisture, or is it breaking because it's weak and lacks elasticity. Breakage usually occurs when the hair lacks strength and flexibility causing your hair strands to become dry, brittle and eventually break. Breakage can also be contributed to damage done caused by poor hair care or styling habits such as using using excess heat, constant friction, using harsh cleansing agents and  frequent chemical hair coloring.

4 Reasons why I chose to stay away from Skin lightening & fade creams

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I hate blemishes and for some reason, whenever I have a breakout those little scars like to leave me a reminder that they've been there. No woman likes blemishes, acne scars, or marks on her body especially when those unsightly marks are right there on the face. We panic. We result to extreme measures and use all types of stuff that promise to get rid of those horrible blemishes. I thought my saving grace were fade creams and skin lightening creams. Unfortunately, I found most of them to be pretty ineffective after wasting lots of time and money.

Clique by Roble Fragrance for Women Review + Giveaway #SmellDelicious {CLOSED}

When I first started watching Chef Roble' Ali from the Bravo television reality series Chef Roble' & Co., he was throwing down in the kitchen and I could tell that he was a man serious about his food, business and his brand. Chef Roble' has been known for creating delectable dishes and culinary masterpieces of course, but he also has a business savvy side and has dabbled in everything from fashion to the beauty industry.

These ladies nailed the Recreation of Historic Black Icons in #WeAreBlackHistory Photos

The beautiful ladies of the Style Influencers Group, a network that connects brands with influencers of color that are "typically passed over in favor of their white counterparts" began a powerful and history-making photo campaign called We Are Black History. The campaign takes a look at historic icons through a more modern recreation using popular digital influencers posing for flawless black and white stills. The influencers were photographed as representations of legendary icons such as Rosa Parks, Billie Holiday, Angela Davis, and Betty Shabazz.

8 Powerful All-Natural Hair Ingredients that Smell Horrible

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I prefer using all natural ingredients in my hair and skincare regimen and I've tried many different oils, butters and other natural ingredients in my DIY hair and skincare routine. One thing about using all-natural ingredients is that they are not masked by synthetic or artificial fragrances. I've found that some of the most powerful and beneficial ingredients for the skin and hair can actually have some pretty offensive odors.

Not So Guilty Pleasures: Gluten & Allergen Free Dining at One Dish Cuisine

My best girlfriend Stephanie suffers from a very serious gluten, soy and peanut allergy along with several other food allergies, so I'm no stranger to gluten and allergen-free eating. I've seen how detrimental it is to avoid cross-contamination of certain ingredients and how the body will attack the tiniest trace of what it believes to be foreign" particles. This past weekend after the snow and crazy winds, I started to get stir crazy and decided to join my friend for lunch at one of her favorite gluten-free spots.