3 Ways Blueberries Help Strengthen and Accelerate Natural Hair Growth & Why You Should Start Using Them

Blueberries for hair

Because July is National Blueberry month, we're closing it out with a round-up of our favorite blueberry infused natural hair products. Not only do blueberries taste great (and I'm not just saying that because they're my absolute favorite berries) but they are also highly beneficial for your hair. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that help strengthen, protect and restore your hair's resilience and appearance. And because blueberries have an abundant source of Vitamins and proanthocyanidins, they are extremely ideal to use for natural hair care. Here's how! 

The Hottest Natural Hair Graphic Tees to Rock this Summer

One of my favorite outfit pieces to rock during the summer are graphic t-shirts. They go with everything and I love that they often display a witty and sometimes satirical message. The availability of natural hair inspired t-shirts and other apparel is growing fast. There are several online apparel shops and boutiques that support the natural hair cause. Here are 15 natural hair graphic t-shirts with the cutest designs, wittiest slogans and highest-quality material that you'll want to wear throughout the summer and all year long.

7 Hottest Natural Hair Trends that You Need to Try This Summer

The journey of acceptance and love of natural hair may not always be love at first sight. And that's okay. We all get bored with our hair at some point and as women we are always looking to enhance and reinvent our styles. There's no difference when it comes to our hair. Just in case you've fallen in a natural hair rut this summer, here are 7 natural hair trends you can try that will not only give you a fresh and funky new look this summer, they can also make you fall in love with your kinks, curls and coils all over again.

Don't Get Bugged Out this Summer! Gear Up with Smart Stuff All-Natural Summer Essentials #LIVESMART

sunscreen and insect repellent

The summer time is the best time for being outdoors and enjoying the sun. But no one likes dealing with sunburn, or being bitten by mosquitoes and other pesky outdoor insects. Insects can carry germs and too much sun exposure can cause damage to your skin. There are tons of insect repellents and sunscreen products on the market, but a lot of them contain harmful and toxic ingredients that can act as a double-edged sword. Smart Stuff skincare line is different and creates skincare and sunscreen products that are all-natural, safe for all ages, and free from harmful ingredients.

7 Skin Care Tips for Healthy, Radiant and Glowing Skin this Summer

Black woman with radiant healthy skin

Having radiant, glowing skin seems to be at the top of almost every woman's beauty agenda, as it should. Beautiful skin doesn't start with perfect genes or the latest and greatest skin care products though. The key to having healthy, gorgeous skin can be found in a combination of factors that start from the inside out. Here are 7 simple, but critical tips to having beautiful, radiant and glowing skin this summer and all year long: