5 Amazing Natural Hair Growth Vitamin Alternatives to Biotin

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Biotin is one of the most commonly used vitamins for promoting hair growth. Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 is found in various hair, skin and nail growth vitamins, formulas and supplements. I have a sensitivity to Biotin, like many others and some people may have adverse effects from using it. Some women have even reported an unwanted increase in hair growth in places where they weren't expecting hair growth such as the chin, upper lip, breast area, the back, and other undesirable places on the body. The good news is that there are alternatives to taking Biotin. It's not the only vitamin in the world that can or will produce stronger, healthier hair growth.

This DIY Coconut & Rose Oil Hair Conditioner Recipe Will Soften Your Curls like Magic!

As you know, natural hair requires adequate moisture in order to prevent breakage and maintain healthy, growing hair. Unlike straighter hair types, the tighter the curl or coil of the hair, the more moisture it will require. Recently, I discovered a pretty cool DIY hair recipe created by beauty and hair expert, Wendy Rose Gould that I know you'll love.

Here's Why Hair Styling Gels Can Cause Breakage & Split Ends

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Hair styling gels are used to hold hair in place, sculpt, and manipulate stubborn strands. I like to use Eco Styler Olive Oil gel for certain styles such as wash-and-gos, and I prefer edge tamer gels to lay down my edges and fly-away's. However, many gels contain drying ingredients that could cause damage to your hair. Split ends, breakage, allergic reactions, and severe hair loss could result from excessive or improper use of hair styling gels.

9 Easy Ingredient Hacks that Will Boost the Power of Your Hair Conditioner

Have you ever purchased a bottle of hair conditioner that didn't really work for your hair? Do you throw it away, give it away to a friend, or do you let it sit in your closet for ages like I do? I hate wasting money on products that don't deliver. I usually come across this problem mostly when I venture to try a new conditioner or a styling product. Instead of tossing them, I found a way to add a little boost to them by tweaking the ingredients just a little. 

A Conversation with Curlfriend Monique of 'Kinky Curly Coily Queens'

Meet our fellow Curlfriend, Monique Spence of the blog Kinky Curly Coily Queens. Monique has been natural for six years. She began her natural hair journey by transitioning for a year before finally getting rid of her relaxed ends. It's been six years since she made the cut and for her, there's no looking back.