8 Lifestyle Habits that can Seriously Stop or Slow your Hair Growth

8 Lifestyle Habits that Stop Hair Growth

Hair loss is something that a lot of women deal with, but don't like to talk about. I struggled a lot with hair loss in my relaxed days, and even a bit after I transitioned to wearing my natural hair. The first thought was if there could be something wrong as far as health. After evaluating certain lifestyle choices, I realized that some of the reasons for sudden hair loss, thinning, and breakage could simply be from some of the lifestyle decisions we make.

Introducing the Curly Kids Coloring Book created by Akirashanti Byrd of Curl Centric

(L) The Curly Kids Coloring Book cover (R) Creator Akira Byrd or CurlCentric
Hello loves! I'm excited to introduce you all to a new initiative for children that embodies self-awareness and acceptance of curly and Afro-textured hair types. The Curly Kids Coloring Book was created by Akirashanti Byrd, creator of the natural hair website Curl Centric as a way to show her daughter the beauty of her natural curls. The Curly Kids coloring book is filled with 30+ pages of young girls sporting various natural hair styles such as Afro puffs, bantu-knots, locks, braids, updos, twist-out styles and many, many more. What's also great about the coloring book is that it's not only perfect for little girls of all ages but also for adults!

Q: Hi Kira, it is a pleasure. Please, introduce yourself! 
A: I’m Kira, Birmingham, Alabama. I am an Auditor by day and the author and co-blogger of CurlCentric.com by night. This is where I get my super powers- LOL! I’m the naturalista you meet in the beauty supply store that is probably more excited about your natural hair journey than you are! Its all because I want you to win in journey and love the hair you have. 

Q: What is the motivation behind your blog, Curl Centric?
A: Curl Centric is a blog that is dedicated to natural hair and giving our 2 cents to make the natural hair journey easier. Being Curl Centric is accepting your natural hair and being unapologetic about it! It’s about looking in the mirror and loving what and who you see. Being Curl Centric is about redefining the term beautiful to make sure it includes characteristics that you and your hair embody...

Hair Science: An Advanced Microscopic Analysis of Afro-Textured Hair

Have you ever seen what hair looks like under a microscope? Neither had I, but it is pretty exciting to see how your coily hair strands look from a microscopic view. In the video below, YouTuber Marquetta Breslin visits a Healthy Hair Clinic in Houston, Texas where a certified Trichologist does an advanced hair analysis of her natural strands.

Trichology is a branch of dermatology that specializes in the study of the hair and scalp. The trichologist from the video referred to as "Ms. Jackie" can recognize several things about the condition and texture of the client's hair by viewing it under a special hand-held microscope.

The advanced hair analysis includes an examination and full review of whether the hair is considered to be thin or dense, if there are any split ends, damaged hair, broken strands, product buildup, scalp infections, damage to the scalp, and more. It's a pretty interesting analysis and a whole new way to look at the integrity of your natural tresses.

Video Courtesy of Healthy Hair Clinic

What do you guys think? Would you see a trichologist for an advanced hair analysis? Do you think a hair analysis is necessary for persons who aren't suffering from any hair or scalp issues or diseases?

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10 Best Sources for Kinky, Curly & Afro-Textured Natural Hair Weaves, Wigs & Extensions

I'm not going to lie, I get bored with my hair, like really bored-- and often.

My go-to style involves a daily routine of snatching all my hair up and into a ponytail "puff" on top of my head, and calling it a day. Yep, I'm a "lazy natural" and I'll admit that. But wearing the same old hairstyle day after day can get old very quickly. It's not that I don't love my hair or that I don't like versatility but more so that I just don't have the energy or the motivation to do much to my hair these days. I like wearing my hair in twist-outs coils, and all the other neat and intricate natural hair styles but sometimes I just want something cute, quick and simple.

Adding hair extensions is a great way to experiment with different styles all while protecting your own hair at the same time. Box braids have always been a favorite, and the re-emerging crochet braid trend is another popular style I've wanted to revisit. Before growing out my natural hair, wigs and hair weaves were my thing! I had the conquered the wig-making and invisible part game down to a science! LOL! I'm no stranger to finding  high-quality hair weave at an affordable price and in my search for a new do, I stumbled on and rediscovered  quite a few brands that specialize in providing top quality hair that closely resembles curly and Afro-textured hair.

Got Breakage? It May Be Time to Add Protein to your Natural Hair Care Regimen

Do I need to add protein to my natural hair routine?

Knowing whether your hair needs protein is a matter of asking whether your hair is breaking because it's dry and lacks moisture, or is it breaking because it's weak and lacks elasticity. Breakage usually occurs when the hair lacks strength and flexibility causing your hair strands to become dry, brittle and eventually break. Breakage can also be contributed to damage done caused by poor hair care or styling habits such as using using excess heat, constant friction, using harsh cleansing agents and  frequent chemical hair coloring.

4 Reasons why I chose to stay away from Skin lightening & fade creams

 Image Credit: latestinbeauty.com

I hate blemishes and for some reason, whenever I have a breakout those little scars like to leave me a reminder that they've been there. No woman likes blemishes, acne scars, or marks on her body especially when those unsightly marks are right there on the face. We panic. We result to extreme measures and use all types of stuff that promise to get rid of those horrible blemishes. I thought my saving grace were fade creams and skin lightening creams. Unfortunately, I found most of them to be pretty ineffective after wasting lots of time and money.