If You Want Softer Natural Hair then try this DIY Lavender Infused Coconut Oil Treatment

DIY Lavender Coconut Oil Treatment
Coconut oil is the natural girl's go-to oil of choice when it comes to hair and beauty care. Coconut oil actually does a few amazing things for your hair, "such as nourishing the hair shaft to create a vibrant sheen, conditioning the hair to restore moisture and repair damage, and when applied to the scalp, it can reduce dandruff and sooth an itchy or sensitive scalp," explains Wendy Rose Gould beauty expert for hair tutorial and advice site Latest-Hairstyles.com.

How to Use Fenugreek Seeds to Accelerate Hair Growth

fenugreek seeds

After washing my hair, I regularly use fenugreek extract (also known as fenugreek shambala) for stronger hair. It has a very unique smell, but I'm crazy about it because you get a feeling that the hair smells like honey! Today, I want to share my favorite recipe for hair growth and volume with you that includes fenugreek for longer, stronger hair growth.

9 Amazing Hair Oils for Naturals with Fine, Thin or Low-Density Hair

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As a natural with fine, low-density hair, it's easy for my hair to become greasy, weighed down and dull from product buildup. If you're a natural with fine hair, I'm sure you can relate. Natural, plant-based oils work wonderfully for natural hair care but many are too bulky for fine hair. However, there are some oils that work well for our soft strands and won't leave us looking greasy and oily. Here are 9 natural oils that are light and perfect for naturals with fine or thin hair:

Evian Natural Mineral Water Spray for Super Hydrated Hair and Skin

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Hydration is something that your body craves daily both inside and out. Even during the warmer months when our skin tends to perspire more. Although your skin may become moist from perspiration, that doesn't necessarily equate to hydration. In fact, the more you perspire the less hydrated your skin and hair will become. I've been using an all-natural Mineral Water Facial Spray by Evian for the last few weeks to keep my hair moisturized and my skin hydrated.

Lazy Naturals: Try these Quick & Easy 5 Minute Natural Hairstyles for the Summer

easy natural hairstyles for summer

High temperatures and humidity are no joke when it comes to your hair. Here's a quick roundup of the easiest natural hair styles that can be done in 6 minutes or less, and will look great this summer, even through the scorching heat and unforgiving humidity.