6 DIY Hair and Scalp Detox Treatments to Strengthen Natural Hair

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6 DIY Hair and Scalp Detox Treatments to Strengthen Hair

By Wendy Rose Gould

Heading to the salon or your local beauty supply store is fine and good, but your fridge and pantry can provide a host of delectable ingredients that will nourish and rejuvenate your hair as well. From mashed bananas to blended carrots to strawberries, fenugreek seeds and beyond, chances are you have many of these ingredients at your immediate disposal. Snack on some, of course, but also put them on your hair as DIY hair treatments that make for glorious natural hair.

The Benefits of Using Natural Emu Oil for Increased Hair Growth

Natural Emu Oil for Hair

Emu oil is has recently grown a reputation for being highly beneficial to the hair and scalp, especially to boost hair growth. The oil is indigenous to Australia and has been used topically for centuries. There are stories that the first settlers and aborigines used Emu oil to heal and protect certain wounds. But this wonder oil isn't just great for the skin, there are several benefits to using Emu oil directly on the hair and scalp including increased hair growth and a healthier scalp.

3 Vacation Ready Natural Hair Styles that Slay like Beyonce

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Three Vacation Proof Natural Hair Styling Ideas

Your summer is filled with exciting vacation plans no doubt; plans which don’t include twisting your hair at night. Yes, you love your natural hair, but sometimes you need a vacation from the daily maintenance as well. So whether your plans include sightseeing in Europe with bae or island hopping with your girls, here are three vacation proof natural hair ideas!

The Inversion Method for Faster Hair Growth: But Does it Really Work?

Girl in Inverted Position
Is it Really Possible to Grow 1-inch of Hair in Just 7 Days?

Quick hair growth methods are nothing scarce and the Inversion Method is one that has grown in popularity because of its claims. Many women have claimed that the inversion method can accelerate hair growth up to 1-inch in just a week. Where they do that at?  Is it possible that the method could actually work, despite that science says that hair can only grow ½ inch per month?

3 Ways Blueberries Help Strengthen and Accelerate Slow Growing Hair

Blueberries for hair

Because July is National Blueberry month, we're closing it out with a round-up of our favorite blueberry infused natural hair products. Not only do blueberries taste great (and I'm not just saying that because they're my absolute favorite berries) but they are also highly beneficial for your hair. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that help strengthen, protect and restore your hair's resilience and appearance. And because blueberries have an abundant source of Vitamins and proanthocyanidins, they are extremely ideal to use for natural hair care. Here's how! 

The Hottest Natural Hair Graphic Tees to Rock this Summer

One of my favorite outfit pieces to rock during the summer are graphic t-shirts. They go with everything and I love that they often display a witty and sometimes satirical message. The availability of natural hair inspired t-shirts and other apparel is growing fast. There are several online apparel shops and boutiques that support the natural hair cause. Here are 15 natural hair graphic t-shirts with the cutest designs, wittiest slogans and highest-quality material that you'll want to wear throughout the summer and all year long.

7 Natural Hair Trends You Need to Try Before the End of the Summer

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The acceptance of our natural hair may not have been love at first sight for many of us. But that's okay. We all get bored with our hair at some point and as women, we are always looking to enhance and reinvent our styles. And there's no difference when it comes to our hair.

Don't Get Bugged Out this Summer! Gear Up with Smart Stuff All-Natural Summer Essentials #LIVESMART

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The summer time is the best time for being outdoors and enjoying the sun. But no one likes dealing with sunburn, or being bitten by mosquitoes and other pesky outdoor insects. Insects can carry germs and too much sun exposure can cause damage to your skin. There are tons of insect repellents and sunscreen products on the market, but a lot of them contain harmful and toxic ingredients that can act as a double-edged sword. Smart Stuff skincare line is different and creates skincare and sunscreen products that are all-natural, safe for all ages, and free from harmful ingredients.