Should All Black Women Rock their Natural Hair Textures?

black woman with curly natural hair

One of the common reasons that many women choose to return to natural is that they start to notice hair loss, thinning hair and/or severe hair damage from long time relaxer usage. And, there are some women that make the choice for other reasons. Either way, it is usually by choice that a woman chooses to say goodbye to the creamy crack, no?

black women thoughts on natural hair
In the video below, one of the stylists mentions that over time, relaxers will eat up the hair and force many women to go natural, and compares the long-time use to that of a smoker. Take a look!

This video was presented during the Hairsay Segment during the Nappturalite Radio Show on August 22, 2013.

What do you think? Are women who wear relaxers not concerned about the long-term effects of chemical usage? Let's discuss!

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