Water is the Best Moisturizer for Natural Hair

There isn't just one specific hair type that needs moisture, all of our hair types need moisture however some hair types naturally provide sufficient natural oils to keep hair moisturizer more so than  others, therefore reducing the need for using various moisturizing products.

As one that wears natural hair, you should know that water is your hair's best friend. It is the most powerful, and not to mention free source of moisture there is and can it can and does hydrate the hair as needed. 

If you check your favorite and most effective leave-in conditioners or moisturizing styling creams, you will find that the number one ingredient is likely to be water; deionized water, distilled water, aqua- however it appears, it is still water. 

Water actually penetrates the hair shaft, as opposed to many oils and butters that simply coat the hair shaft. These oils and butters will seal any type of moisture from getting into the hair, or out. Remember, oil and water do not mix.

The key to benefiting from the optimal moisturizing qualities of water, is to seal the moisture into the hair. Its okay to use oils and butters on the hair, but they are most effective when used on wet or damp hair. This is why the LOC method is so effective, it allows water into the hair to moisturize followed by a sealant.

If you're not styling hair that is freshly washed or you simply do not want to wet your hair, the next best option is to add a water based moisturizer such as a leave-in conditioner, moisturizing spray, or cream. It is not recommended that you use pomades, butters or oil-based products on dry hair. This will not be effective in moisturizing the hair, it will only temporarily hide your dry hair. 

When looking for a moisturizing conditioner that will get the job done, make sure you check out the ingredients list. The most important ingredients are usually the first five and if water is not in listed in the first five ingredients, preferably the number one ingredient, don't even waste your time or your money. The product will not moisturize the hair, but only coat it, making it appear to be moisturized and in the long run, can dry your hair out or even cause severe breakage. 

I use usually use water, Aloe Vera juice Coconut oil or Vatika oil to moisturize my hair. What products do you use to moisturize your hair effectively?

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