I Finally Tried the Hot Head Thermal Conditioning Cap

thermal conditioning cap

I recently received the "Lemonade" Hot Head Thermal cap, the Lavender Spritzer Spray, and a set of 10 Plastic Conditioning Caps to try out and I have to tell you guys that I am in love. I've used the Hot Head Thermal Cap at least 4 times now and I have no plans on stopping any time soon. What is a Hot Head, you might ask? It's a thermal conditioning cap that helps boost the power of your conditioner or deep conditioner.

My first impression of the colorful bonnet that I received was that it was so adorable and the array of colors was so refreshing, especially since it was about 20 degrees outside and the sun was nowhere in sight. The packaging of the thermal cap was easy and simple. It was also a little heavier than I imagined, almost like it had a couple of sand bags inside the stitching.

I immediately noticed the quality of the cap and how well it was stitched and manufactured. The cap is reversible and can be worn on either side effectively. One side is made of terry cloth material (the yellow side) and the other was made of a colorfully patterned fabric. I'm not quite sure what the fabric is made from, however.  

thermal conditioning cap

The heat cap is said to improve the results of whatever deep conditioner you decide to use. The heat from the cap helps the conditioner to penetrate and absorb the hair for softer, moisturized tresses. When used appropriately, Hot Head is said to allow the cuticle layer of the hair to open for an extended period to allow nutrients and minerals to absorb into the hair shaft.

thermal conditioning cap

What I love most about the thermal conditioning cap is its ease of use. There are no chords that you have to deal with, it's filled with natural flaxseed, and it's reusable. the directions say to place the thermal cap in the microwave on a glass or ceramic plate for 30-40 seconds, flip inside out, shake, and repeat the process. You should do this until you have reached the desired level of heat that is tolerable for you. I repeated the process 4 times before using the cap.

thermal conditioning cap

I was surprised to find that the heat cap stayed warm for about half-an-hour and the heat flow remained even all over my head. I used the Lavender Spritzer that came with the heat cap and fell in love. Lavender oil is very calming, relaxing, and it smells divine. The spritzer was an added bonus to the experience of using the thermal cap, it was almost spa-like.

The heat cap fit comfortably on my head, despite the fact that it was pretty weighty. Even though I didn't completely dry my hair after shampooing, the elastic bands around the thermal cap kept any water from running down my face and neck. 

thermal conditioning cap

Each thermal cap goes for $29.99 which isn't a bad price point at all. Considering the benefits of using the cap and the fact that it will last you for hundreds of uses, the Heat Cap is definitely worth considering as an investment in your healthy hair journey. It's extremely easy and convenient to use.

Grab one of the Hot Head thermal conditioning caps for yourself at www.thermalhaircare.com


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