5 Effective Money-Saving Hair Care Tips

how to save money on hair care

Are​ ​you​ ​on​ ​a​ ​tight​ ​budget​ ​but​ ​you don’t want to compromise your hair care habits and health for a dollar? You can try new methods which are equally or even more effective than your current hair regimen. Using these budget-friendly tips and techniques, you will keep your natural tresses absolutely healthy and perfect without the need for expensive products and treatments.

Taking care of one’s tresses sure entails sacrifice and a whole lot of effort but it doesn’t have to be costly and expensive. You can keep the health of your locks without the need for high-cost salon visits. Below are amazing tips every girl must know to achieve perfect locks even on a tight budget.

You can maintain your hair’s health in a number of ways where you don’t even have to spend a penny. You can make your own products at home with natural ingredients which you can find just in your kitchen cupboard. Now, let’s go over the list of these amazing budget-friendly hair care tips.

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

It all begins with your diet, with what you eat since the health of your tresses lies in it The nutrients your body gets are the same nutrients your tresses absorb. Go for hair-friendly foods that are rich in protein such as eggs, fish, and nuts. Increase your mineral, vitamin and iron intake as well.

Maintaining a healthy diet will help you save more on your hair care costs because you no longer need to have frequent salon visits to treat your tresses. Just keep a healthy and well-balanced diet and your locks will surely thank you for that.

2. Make Your Own Hair Products at Home

Instead of buying expensive chemical products, why don’t you try making your own at home? There are tons of DIY tutorials you can find on the web that teaches you how to make them with the use of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, honey, fruits, and eggs.

Making your own hair treatment mask, cream or conditioner will surely save you a fortune and what’s even better is they are much safer and healthier for your locks since they do not contain any harmful chemicals, unlike the commercial products you use.

3. Rinse with Cool Water

When washing your locks, it is recommended that you rinse it with cold water. Cold water is better to use since hot or warm water could dry out your tresses. Cold water helps close the cuticle and also prevent hair from becoming frizzy.

4. Use a T-shirt to Dry Instead of a Towel

After washing your locks, instead of using a towel to dry it use a t-shirt instead. Towels can be damaging to your hair because of its coarse texture. Unlike a regular towel, a shirt or a microfiber towel has a smoother surface which is more gentle for your tresses. It absorbs excess water well and also reduces frizz. When drying your locks, avoid vigorously rubbing it in an up and down motion. Just blot your hair with the tee, and squeeze the water out instead. 

5. Practice Air Drying Your Hair

This is the healthiest and easiest way to dry your locks. The good thing about air drying is that it not only saves your tresses from the damage caused by blow drying but it also saves you time, effort and money.

You don’t have to spend much of your time drying your hair with a blower. By air drying, you can save time by working on other things while waiting for your hair to dry. You also get to save on your electric bills by not using a blow dryer or electronic styling aids.

By Contributing Writer Kayla McCabe

how to save money on hair care

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