10 Best Sources for Kinky, Curly & Afro-Textured Hair Weaves & Wigs

kinky curly natural hair weave extensions

I'm not going to lie, I get bored with my hair, like really bored-- and often. My go-to style involves a daily routine of snatching all my hair up and into a ponytail "puff" on top of my head and calling it a day. Yep, I'm a "lazy natural" and I'll admit that. 

Adding hair extensions is a great way to experiment with different styles all while protecting your own hair at the same time. Box braids have always been a favorite, and the re-emerging crochet braid trend is another popular style I've wanted to revisit. 

There are many options for hair extensions that cater to curly and tightly coiled hair textures. Natural hair extensions are a great way of adding versatility to your typical natural hair routine while protecting your own delicate strands at the same time. 

Runway Curls

Runway curls is a hair extension brand that as specifically designed for textured hair. Their hair line consists of 100% virgin Ethiopian textured hair. Runway Curls encourages all women to embrace their natural kinks and curls first, but they also understand that sometimes we need a little change and versatility in our lives. Runway curls are known for having some of the best blending hair and stellar customer service. Their Classic Collection (seen above) is similar to Afro-textured and wavy hair, which can be cut, dyed, and bleached without losing its shape. The City Afro collection comes in a variety of colors and is used for braided styles, twists, and crochet styles.

Website: www.runwaycurls.com.

Hallies curls hair weave and extensions

Hallie's Curls

Hallie's Curls (formerly Halley's Curls) carries hair textures that are similar to most natural hair textures under their Spiral Curly and Creole Curly hair line. For hair that is tightly coiled and kinky, check out the Naturally Curly/Natural hair line, made of 100% virgin Malaysian Remy hair. These textures are closer to 4b and 4c hair types.There are quite a few different styles to choose from and Hallie's Curls prides itself on supplying hair that is a "natural match" to most hair textures.

Website: halliescurls.com.

Ebony Line hair weave, extensions and wigsEbony Line

If affordability is what you are looking for, then look no further. Ebonyline.com carries some of the more affordable hair extensions for naturally kinky and "Afro-texture" hair. If you're anything like me, I'm always looking for a sale and Ebonyline.com is always serving one up. The online boutique carries names you've probably seen in your local beauty supply, such as OutreJanet Collection, and Milky Way, to name a few. Their price line is extremely affordable and shipping is pretty fast.

Website: www.ebonyline.com.

Kurly Klips Natural Hair Extensions

Kurly Klips Natural Hair Extensions

Kurly Klips are the answer to the busy woman's prayer when she needs a quick fix to a bad hair day, or she just wants to add some length or volume to her hair. Kurly Klips are 100% natural hair clip-in extensions that can be easily added to the hair and styled in less than 10 minutes. The clip-in natural hair extensions are offered in two textures-- the MFro collection for tightly curled hair and the MSpirals collection for looser curl patterns. The hair is top quality and has been tested, and tested again to ensure long-lasting durability.  Kurly Klips are quick, versatile, efficient and cute!

Website: kurlyklips.com.

my natural hair extensions

My Natural Hair Extensions 

My Natural Hair Extensions isn't just another hair weave company that wants to sell you hair weave, they're an educational movement with an agenda to teach you how to maintain healthy, fortified natural hair while protective styling in the process. Their hair blends perfectly with the diverse hair textures of black women's hair and they provide stellar customer service which is their number one goal above all else. Their Kinky Curly and Afro Kinky lines best mimic type 4 hair types and they provide hair for braiding, wigs, clip-ins, and full wigs. For quality hair at an affordable price, My Natural Hair Extensions is your source for the best natural hair weaves and wigs that will last for quite some time.

Website: www.mynaturalhairextensions.com. 

heat free hair extensionsHeat Free Hair

Heat Free Hair provides the most fabulous, high-quality hair extensions. They take pride i the fact that they are also an educational movement with an agenda to teach you how to maintain healthy, fortified natural hair while protective styling. Heat Free Hair only offers 100% virgin hair extensions so that the texture of your hair extensions are guaranteed to match the texture of your own hair.

Website: http://heatfreehair.com.

Haute Kinky Hair

The Haute Kinky Hair Collection is owned by a lady who has been wearing natural hair for over ten years and is no stranger to any type of hair weave. Haute Kinky Hair Collection offers a huge selection of natural hair textures similar to what actually grows out of our scalp. I'm talking some of the most realistic looking hair here ladies, right out of the packaging. Haute Kinky Hair Collections offers weaving extensions, clip-ins, full wigs, partial units and more, all for naturally kinky and curly hair textures. Take a look for yourself!

Website www.hautekinkyhair.com.

Private Stock Hair

Private Stock Hair provides 100 percent virgin human hair from relaxed textures to type 3 tightly curly hair to type 4 kinky curly hair. Private Hair Stock offers extensions, closures, full and partial wigs, clip-ins, full lace, lace front and U-Part wigs. If you don't find what you like in their product inventory, there is always the experience of customizing your own wig to suit your taste. The full lace, hand tied Frosace' wig is one of their signature pieces.

Website: privatestockhair.com.

Indique Hair

Since its inception in 2007, Indique has quickly become one of the top suppliers of hair weaves, wigs, clip-ins and braiding hair for black women. The hair brand has made its way into many retail supply stores across the U.S. and has gained the endorsement of celebrities such as Rihanna, Brandy, and Jill Scott. For those rocking natural hair, Indique carries three lines that are best suited for kinky and tightly coiled hair types; Bounce Organic Curl, Bounce Coil Curl and Bounce Deep Wave. 

Website: www.indiquehair.com.

King Me Hair

King Me Hair sells some very natural looking hair extensions including partial wigs, full lace wigs, bulk hair for braiding, wefts, closures... you name it. The King Me Hair line specializes in four specific lines for kinky curlies-- King Me Kurly, King Me Kinky, King Me Koily and King Me Koarse. 

Website: www.kingmehair.com.

kinky curly natural hair weave extensions

Have any of you tried any of the hair companies listed above? What was your experience and would you recommend? Are there any hair brands that you recommend that provide Afro-textured hair that may not be listed? Let me know in the comment section!

**There are several hair distribution companies and brands that are carrying more Afro-textured and curlier hair types. I'll continue to update this list as I find more companies that provide high-quality hair, stellar customer service, and affordable prices.


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