4 Amazing Moisturizing Oils for Kinky, Curly and Coily Hair

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Every natural wants soft, hydrated and healthy hair. The key to maintaining moisturized natural hair is to use the right products and ingredients on your hair. Most oils aren't very moisturizing. They can seal moisture into your hair but mainly do not penetrate beyond the surface layer of the hair shaft. After many efforts trying to find the oils that work best for my hair, here are 4 of the best moisturizing oils that leave my hair soft, manageable, hydrated, and full of sheen.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Women have been pampering their hair and bodies with olive oil for centuries. This oil will penetrate the cortex of the hair and add moisture to dry, dull strands. Olive oil comes at just the right consistency to use as a hot oil treatment, pre-poo treatment, or for deep conditioning the hair. Extra virgin olive oil comes from fresh, cold pressed olives and is full of nutrients and polyphenols.

2. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil actually penetrates the hair follicle, adding much-needed hydration. The oil is made by an extraction from the avocado pulp which is full of essential nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids to feed your hair. It is an excellent oil to use for treating dandruff, severe breakage and scalp problems. For maximum results, try mixing avocado oil with other beneficial oils. The penetrating properties of avocado oil will help other oils reach their maximum potential (ie: coconut oil, tea tree oil, apricot oil, thyme oil) when used together.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also said to be another one of the few oils that actually penetrate the hair follicle. It is a must have and can always be found in my arsenal. I use it as an additive in many of my hair products. I always add it to my conditioners and to my spray bottle, but I do also occasionally add it to my shampoo for extra oomph!

I prefer to use coconut oil as an additive rather than a stand-alone oil because it sometimes makes my hair feel a bit crunchy. Not hard, but crunchy, if that makes sense. This is also one of the few oils whose fragrance I don't mind smelling all day; the scent is of mild coconuts, its light and airy. It is also said to aid in hair growth by nourishing the hair shaft and strengthening the cuticle for stronger hair growth.

4. Hemp Oil

Filled with amino acids, hemp oil comes from the cannabis plant. This is a thicker oil that will help soften and moisturize the hair. It has been known to aid in the natural development of keratin, which strengthens the hair follicle. In addition, it adds sheen, provides essential fatty acids, and helps to build healthier hair. There are many benefits of the hemp plant, as it has been used for for it's various properties for many ages. 

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