Ampro Shine & Jam Silk Edges W/ Olive Oil Gel to Lay Down Natural Hair

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I've always used EcoStyler gel as my go-to gel for laying down my edges. I wear a poof-puff ponytail a lot because my schedule can sometimes get hectic and other times, I'm probably being lazy, lol. What I noticed recently was that with constant, long time use of EcoStyler on my edges, and the pulling and tugging was starting to talk a toll on my hair. 

My edges were starting to become brittle, fragile and thin. I had to find an alternative that was not as harsh. I played around with a few gels that were marketed for "edge control" and soon found a winner; the Shine & Jam Silk Edges with Olive Oil gel.

The Shine & Jam Silk Edges is made by Ampro. Most of us remember Ampro Protein Styling gel from back in the day... you remember that thick, brown protein gel that would make your hair hard as a rock once it dried? I know y'all remember!

edge tamer

I paid under $4 for the 2oz. bottle. Although it doesn't seem like a lot of product, a little bit actually goes a long way. The 2oz. bottle seems to last me about a month or, a little longer. That's a pretty good deal for a girl like me who wears her hair up in a poof pony at a minimum of 2-3 times a week.

edge tamer

The gel does not contain alcohol or parabens, which is also a winner for me! It is enriched with Silk Protein, Lanolin, and Olive Fruit oil. The Silk Edges gel does, however, contain mineral oil so, if that's something you don't like to use on your hair, this product may not be ideal for you. The fragrance is light and dainty, and somewhat floral. It has a consistency similar to Elasta QP glaze or Let's Jam gel.

I like this gel because instead of that ultra slick-back look that a lot of gels give you, the Silk Edges gel gives me just enough hold that it looks like my hair is naturally smooth and all I used was a brush and some water to lay my edges down.

The Ampro Shine & Jam Silk Edges gel can be purchased online, at Walmart, Walgreen's or your local beauty supply store. I would recommend purchasing it in-store. For the price you would pay online for one bottle, you could buy two at Walmart or your local beauty supply.

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