Baltimore Photographer Glenford Nunez Celebrates Natural Hair in "The Coiffure Project"

The idea was born one night as 25-year old photographer, Glenford Nunez reviewed several cell phone pictures he had snapped of his gorgeous assistant's natural hair... locks to be exact. Nunez fell in love with the images before him and decided then and there to embark on a project that would glorify and capture the beauty of the tightly coiled, kinky and natural hair of the black woman.

(Credit: Glenford Nunez)

Later, Nunez decided to expand the project to simple black and white photos of women that were personally selected for the project based on their style and hair. Nunez had no idea what type of journey that was awaiting him. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Nunez explained that he was unaware that so many women were transitioning to natural hair.

"I had no idea until I started putting the photos together,” Nunez told The Huffington Post. “People have thanked me for what I’m doing for natural hair and Black women, but I genuinely had no idea. It’s a super awesome   feeling though. Now that I know about the movement,” Nunez said, "I’m    hoping this project will really bring the beauty of natural hair to the          forefront.”                                                                                                      

Check out Glenford Nunez's collection of photo for the Coiffure Project HERE

Glenford Nunez is the founder of the Baltimore based
 photography studio TYP Photography Studio


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