6 Things You Should Know About Purchasing a Hair Dryer for Your Natural Kinks and Coils

I have to be honest, I achieve the most defined twist-outs when twisting on freshly washed, blow dried hair. With all the talk about heat damage and possibly making a mistake on your hair that can't be reversed, it's important that you do your research and determine how to take the proper steps in protecting your hair from possible heat damage. In searching for the perfect blow dryer, here are a few steps that I hope will come in handy in helping you choose which blow dryer is best for you, and the overall health of your hair.

1. Look for a blow dryer with a ceramic heating element

Lower end blow dryers may use a plastic or metal heating element that reach their maximum heat rapidly, scalding the hair and causing possible heat damage. Ceramic is a much better heat conductor and penetrates the hair shaft without compromising the health of your hair. Lower end blow dryers that burn the hair shaft could also cause permanent frizz and could slightly change the texture of your hair.

2. Go for an ionic hair dryer for more body

Ionic hair dryers are great for locking in moisture and eliminating frizz. Ionic blow dryers distribute negatively charged ions into the hair shaft and keep the cuticle flat, therefore preventing frizz and adding body to the hair. Ionic dryers also cut down on drying times and eliminate static electricity.

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3. Choose a Tourmaline dryer to add sheen to the hair

Tourmaline hair dryers also cut down on drying times by almost 70 percent. Tourmaline dryers also add shine and sheen to the hair, and generate a tremendous amount of negative ions. This cuts down on drying time and how long you expose your hair to heat.

4. Choose a blow dryer that has low EMF's

Older blow dryers emitted large quantities of electromagnetic fields. Modern blow dryers tend to use lesser quantities but it doesn't hurt to go for the blow dryers that are labeled as "low EMFs." Prolonged use of electromagnetic fields could cause permanent damage to your hair and could be harmful.

5. Look for various heat settings and a blast of cool air button

It is not recommended that you use high heat settings on your natural hair, lower wattage dryers are preferred in order to prevent heat damage. Always use a cooler setting and if you must use higher temperatures, be sure to utilize the cool air blast button every few seconds in between. Choosing a dryer that has various heat settings allows you to always be in control for the temperature of heat you expose to your hair.

My heat protector of choice:

Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum

6. Purchase a thermal/heat protector with your new dryer and always use when blow-drying your hair

Constant use of blow drying or using too high of a heat setting can be detrimental to the overall health of your hair. For the most part, heat damage is not something that can be reversed, just like split ends. Simply put, when you blow dry your hair, you're smoothing the hair cuticle or forcing it to be straightened by manipulating it with heat. This temporarily alters the cuticle structure and it will revert back to its original state once wet. If the heat is too high, this will permanently alter the cuticle and melt the proteins from your hair. This type of heat damage is irreversible and can only be repaired temporarily by using various hair products that contain "fillers". To avoid this type of heat damage, be sure to use a thermal protector any and every time you put heat in your hair.

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