The Realism of Tim Okamura's Afro-American Urban Canvas

When I first saw these very life-like paintings of women adorned in natural hair celebrating sisterhood and community, I instantly fell in love and couldn't keep this to myself. Not only does the hair captivate me, but the realism in the pictures is totally insane as each picture tells its own story.

Afro art by Tim Okamura

Afro art by Tim Okamura
afro art Tim Okamura

afro art Tim Okamura

Meet the Artist Tim Okamura

Tim Okamura

Tim Okamura is a contemporary Canadian painter known for his depiction of African-American and minority subjects in urban settings, and his combination of graffiti and realism. Not only has his work has been featured in several major motion pictures but also in London's National Portrait Gallery.

Okamura's inspirations draws from  urban life and hip-hop influences and serves as the subject matter in his paintings. He samples excerpts from art history and world mythology, blending classical techniques of oil painting with the spontaneity of spray painted graffiti, combining the academic “realism” of his portrait and figure painting with modern graphics and contemporary urban environments.

Check out more of Tim's artistic talents at his website


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